Saturday, December 7, 2013

Professional Code of Conduct 

1. I will be utilizing all resources given to me for the benefit of the organization only.
2. I will be very honest and ethical in my work.
3. I will never indulge in any malpractices.
4. I will always strive to achieve work given to me in given time duration.
5. I will follow all rules, processes, procedures in any organization that I will work.
6. I will remain as student and will try to learn during my entire professional
    career and beyond.
7. I will always keep my commitments given to any other profession/colleague/
8. I will always try to be as efficient as possible and look for ways to improve my
9. I will record time I spent, work I have done and learning on daily or weekly basis.
10. I understand that Software Development is Team Work hence I will always be
     good team player and focus on team success rather than my own personal goals. 

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